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Will Andresen, Amy Nosal, Rebecca Holm and Deborah Leonard – North Central Region All Colleague Conference March 14, 2017.


Neil Klemme, Amy Nosal, Andrea Newby, Deborah Leonard, Rebecca Holm, Joyce Gayan and Darrin Kimbler – celebrating FoodWIse educator, Deb Leonard and our friend and former colleague Andrea Newby’s birthdays on February 14, 2016.

The chilly weather and snow didn’t stop the Extension staff members, and many people that volunteer at the Mobile Food Pantry in December.

Darrin Kimbler, Rebecca Holm, Amy Nosal, Neil & Kasey Klemme, Cathy Techtmann, Emily Murphy and Felicia Herlevi – had a great time at a staff outing at Darrin’s farm on August 15, 2017.

Programming Staff
Name Program Area Email
Mary Pardee Area 1 Extension Director
Neil Klemme Neil picture 4-H Youth Development Educator
 Amy Nosal Community Development Educator
Deborah Leonard Nutrition Educator
FoodWIse/Wisconsin Nutrition Education Program (WNEP)
Darrin KimblerDarrin Kimbler Horticulture Educator
Support Staff
Name Program Area Email
Rebecca Holm14291884_968283309960941_3382104327903008928_n_opt-1 County Support Staff/Office Manager