Trail Blazers

2018 Trail Blazers
Tuesdays and Thursdays, June 12th through July 3rd, from 9:00 am – 3:00 pm

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Trail Blazers is a bike based summer program for grades 5-8 to help kids gain an appreciation for their community. Starting at 10 miles and working their way to 20 miles a day, kids will get the chance to see the amazing landmarks that our area has to offer. While doing this, they will gain independence and form personal leadership through different activities done every day. They will also get a chance to have active, outdoor fun with swimming, fishing and canoeing. If pairing Trail Blazers with our Iron County Outpost Camp, we highly encourage kids to come at least three sessions to help build their biking endurance in order to get the most out of Outpost Camp.

If you would like to see a breakdown of what our 2017 Trail Blazers sessions entailed, continue reading.


Trail Blazers Week 1 – as told by Iron County Summer Assistant, Felicia Herlevi

The first week of Trail Blazers was a success! Chief Colassaco taught us about bike safety, then Hobby Wheel gave us a bike check before we headed out to Norrie Park. On Thursday, we got to go to Upson Falls and Darrin gave us canoe lessons, not to mention all of the fishing!!!




Trail Blazers Week 2

Week 2 of Trail Blazers! We biked to the Gile Flowage where the kids swam and fished, but sadly the rain washed us out and we needed to be shuttled back to the Courthouse. Thursday was a great ride to Black River Harbor but the way back was all uphill!! We are so proud of our Trail Blazers for making it all the way back to Copper Peak and then having the courage to make it all the way to the top of Copper Peak! We also had a little problem with bikes falling off the truck but all the bikes make it back okay. 🙂


Trail Blazers Week 3

30 Miles for the 3rd week of Trail Blazers! On Tuesday we took the new bike trail out Bessemer park and had a blast hiking the bluff, playing volleyball, and playing on the playground. Thursday we stopped at Interstate Falls to ear snacks before heading out to Mt. Zion to play yard games. Overall a great week, I can sense some swimming for the last week next week.


Trail Blazers Week 4

Tuesday we went biking and canoeing at Grand Portage Lake and played Dead Fish Polo.  We had an unfortunate, yet funny incident where Darrin flipped his canoe. We ended the day with ice cream at Brite Spot 2. There were high hopes for the last day of Trail Blazers but sadly, it was canceled due to the weather. Can’t wait for next summer!